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Simplified ledgers are an affordable simple excel based system that adds, subtracts and sorts for you ... it's that easy.

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Simplified Ledger - Investment Schedule 3

A Schedule 3 is required for your personal tax return when you sell something and a capital gain has occured.  If you are an investor that has a portfolio of metals, stocks, shares, units and bonds this ledger will work for you.  Once you have input your data, a total will be provided to you that you would input on your Schedule 3 form lines 131 and 132.

Simplified Ledger - Schedule 3


Simplified Ledger - Investment Schedule 4 

A Schedule 4 is required for your personal tax return when you are claiming an on going fee or one time fee to borrow, consult, manage and secure your investments. Any loan interest paid on these investments are claimed here.It is simple to use and can help manage your annual expense claims to your portfolio more accurately and efficiently.

Carrying and Interest Charges




ConventionsSimplified Ledger - Conventions

Are you utilizing the convention tax deduction for your business and need a compiling system that accurately will record all your expenses for that particular convention? 

Not sure how a convention IT131RT applies to you or your business?

Simplified Ledger Convention is a bookkeeping tool that enables you to have an accurate account of your expenses so you may provide Revenue Canada an accurate account to remit for the IT-357R2.




ExpensesSimplified Ledger - Employment Expenses

Are you an employee that must keep an accurate account of your expense account?  Don't want to buy any fancy kind of software... the Simplified Ledger - Employee Expenses is for you.  It is simple to use and will sort and filter by expense categories and run a report for your payroll department for a quick re-reimbursment.




EstateSimplified Ledger - Estate Management 

Are you handling an estate and are feeling overwhelmed with everything there is to do?  Need a system that is specially designed to handle the estate expenses?  Simplified Ledger Estate  can make a daunting task simple and easy.  It will sort and categorizes your inputted receipts and run reports to take to your tax accountant who is handling the estate.  It allows you to identify individual expenses with a Question or a concern and can reconciles Multiple Accounts. 

Are you feeling overwhelmed by handling the estate of your loved one and not sure what to do first or next?  Executors Vault can simplify the handling of the estate.  They have lots of free valuable information and can provide services to make an overwhelming, daunting task simple and less stressful.  Executors Vault helps make handling your estate much easier and less stressful.




PayrollSimplified Ledger - Payroll

This ledger handles all the needs of your payroll up to 13 employee's including recording your payments to the government.   The reporting ledgers will help you create the T4 and Summary correctly.  This Ledger does produce a year to date record on each employee as well as your government remittances. Everything you need in a simple and easy to use format.




DaycareSimplified Ledger - Daycare

Do you own a daycare?  This specially customized ledger will sort and filter your inputted data to reports that you will require for accounting of the income and expenses of the daycare.  You record your information much like you do in a cheque book. All the expense categories that are utilized by a daycare are already created for you.  Bookkeeping terms- recognize expense categories like what is gas, meals, supplies. Keyboard; understand a minus( -) key in front of a number will deduct, no plus sign (+) is necessary to add.   If you chose to use our feature of matching the paperwork (activity) to the how it was paid (cash, bank, or charge, etc) you will learn how to create reconciled reports by the month.

We have represented our clients with Canada Revenue Agency successfully with these worksheets.




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