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MBC Tools provides accurate and personalized bookkeeping and administrative support services. We use our experience, knowledge, and attention to detail to provide you with accurate and timely information, daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually to support your business needs.

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Our Team

Darlene Lafond P.B.A.

Darlene Lafond P.B.A.

Master Tax Practitioner

My core instinct is to help others. Over 35 years of helping thousands of businesses and individuals evaluate their financial information. Those experiences enable me to make short and long term strategical management decisions to reach corporate goals, improve efficiencies, and achieve revenue growth for my clients. I am the accounting professional that is dedicated to listening, helping and mentoring my clients to ensure they maximize on their tax deduction opportunities, remain tax compliant and save money. I am passionate about my work! Listening and looking at my clients' stories in order to transcribe them to create the financial story book for them is never boring. I love my work and I am humbled by the fact that people choose and trust me. I will always endeavor to never disappoint that trust.

Joan Rupert C.P.B.

Joan Rupert C.P.B.

Master Tax Practitioner

  • 38 years Tax Preparation;
  • 26 years Professional Tax Preparation;
  • 21 years specialized in Small Business;
  • 21 years consulting on planning, starting, evaluating a small business;
  • 18 year Corporate Tax Certificate;
  • 18 years Certified Professional bookkeeper
“Knowledge speaks and wisdom listen’s.”

I am a good listener, bring your Farm or Small business returns to me!

Carmen Morin  C.P.B., P.B.A

Carmen Morin C.P.B., P.B.A

Public Business Accountant

As a 10+ years associate of our Bookkeeping Department, I am proficient user in Simplified ledgers, Sage (simply accounting, Quickbooks and of course, all the Microsoft software.

If you are a Do it Yourself-er, see me for training. I challenge you to ask for help, as sometimes the problem is so simple; all you may need is to have someone to collaborate with. Let me be that person.

I am proud to say, our bookkeeping department does it all:

  • GST;
  • Payroll;
  • Yearends and
  • all Government slips such as T4, T4A, T5, T5018.

Danielle Lafond

Danielle Lafond

Accounting Technician

We have our own bookkeeping tools, if we can’t find one to assist your needs we will create one!

Theresa MacDonald

Theresa MacDonald

Tax Technician

Attributes Our Staff Aspire to Grow and Maintain:

  • Experience,
  • Service focus,
  • Flexibility,
  • Professionalism,
  • Supportive nature,
  • Mentoring and training focused,
  • Organized,
  • Confidentiality and Privacy.


Take a peak at what our clients are saying about us. We'd like to add you to our list of happy customers.

 In my husband’s business of 15 years, we’ve been paying for a bookkeeper because I have a full time job. After talking to Darlene, she suggested I get our 16 year old daughter involved in the bookkeeping end of things. Darlene taught her how to match the receipts to the source of payment. She learned how to use the Simplified Ledger which had a prepare manual attached. I saw how easy it was to do, so I have now taken over the job. 

- Dutton Welding

 When working with a business for over 10 years they had always relied on a professional to take care of their books. Thinking they should try to do it within office, they hired help for one year. After 3 nightmare bookkeepers, an enormous amount of money and a bookkeeping mess; he had to take on the bookkeeping him self. With the help of Simplified Ledger , he was able to do the records including bank reconciliations while he was out in the field. The ability to use a computer keyboard and matching his receipts to the statements was the level of skill he needed. The time to record the information was less than it took to record information into a cheque book. While in his second quarter of the year he was completing the Ledger, CRA, Canada Revenue Agency, called a full audit on his files; ledger books, GST and payroll. Once they reviewed the payroll section of his books, the agent decided the bookkeeping system was detailed, consistent and claims were easily trackable. She reported to him she was satisfied with the reporting on the payroll. She saw it unnecessary to spend any more time on the audit. This audit took a total of 40 minutes. he was both relieved and confident that for as long as he needed a record keeping system, this is the one. They still have Joan at the Morinville Business Centre input my Simplified Ledger into Simply Accounting to ensure a qualified person looks at it. But the only cost to them is about 15 minutes per worksheet. Not the hours that it use to cost. Being married with 2 young children means he has a very busy personal life. The worksheet helped him save money, save time and provided him, a welder, the ability to take some control of his business back. Thank you MBCTools.com.  

- A&M Ltd. (Oilfield Maintenance)

 I have used the services of MBC now for many years and as a Small Business Owner, I would highly recommend Darlene & her Staff for all your Accounting / Tax Service requirements. I have used the services of MBC now for many years and as a Small Business Owner, I would highly recommend Darlene & her Staff for all your Accounting / Tax Service requirements.  

- Hartman Interiors

 When my husband’s drywall business got started, I was worried about the bookkeeping because I’ve never done it before but I met with Darlene at MBC and she introduced me to their Simplified Ledger-it’s an excellent tool for our needs. It helps us manage our business completely. It improved my abilities to control all my bookkeeping needs. It gave me confidence because it was easy to understand and to follow the form. I can now balance my books and match my receipts which I used to have difficulties. I now know how to balance my books and get all the deduction we’re allowed. This Ledger is the perfect answer for my husband’s business.  

- LM Drywall

 I have been a client at Morinville Business Centre for approx 15 years. Through the years we have grown as a company and have seen many changes. MBC has always provided the proper tools to ensure those changes needs are meet. Darlene and her staff have been extremely approachable for anything from a silly question to a life changing decision that needs a financial experts advice. Our tax returns and financial planning have always been done with a professional attitude, and there are many services provided, the approachability of Darlene and her staff are another great asset. Thank you for many years of dedication.  

- Trancys Welding

 I have been in business for six years and I was MBC’s first client to use their Ledger. It was like balancing a cheque book, after some simple instruction. I found the work sheets so easy to follow. The Simplified Ledger was so easy, I did my whole year baste on those worksheets. I swear by these worksheets, they have cut down my bookkeeping costs. This system really works. I recommend that you try it, you won’t regret it; and there’s no confusion.  

- L & R Plumbing

 Darlene has compiled our corporate taxes for 10+ years. Not only does she compile our financials but she listens and provides us strategies to optimize our expenses. Darlene always ensures that our optimization strategies are supported with the appropriate documents. She is extremely passionate about her work and has saved us thousands of dollars over the years. We have referred many of our colleagues to her firm and will continue to do so.  

- AJOL Consulting Inc.

 Darlene is a detailed oriented business owner who creates a successful work environment with her great ability to teach and mentor her staff. Darlene is very knowledgeable and passionate about her profession. I recommend Darlene because she is driven to be the best in all that she undertakes.  

- It Figures Bookkeeping

 Darlene is so full of passion, she radiates it. I watched her in action a number of years ago when she did a presentation to our Edmonton chapter. The room full of bookkeepers and accountants walked away with new useful knowledge, and was very excited with the opportunities learned. Her evaluation from the attendees was excellent. I am so pleased that I have been able to continue a business relationship with Darlene and look forward to working with her on a number of projects in the future.  

- IHonest

 I am self employed as a bookkeeper for several small businesses. I use the MBC tool reconcile with codes worksheet to quickly add up expenses, reconcile bank statements, gather GST information and provide a complete breakdown of expenses that transfer easily to a software or tax program. What used to take me hours to add tape and breakdown for tax preparers, now has simplified and sped up the process. Since it is very easy to use, I can now train my clients on it to do at their own location and have more control over their own companies bookkeeping.  

- Easy Books

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